This flying smartphone case could help you take the perfect selfie from the air

Selfly, a photo drone phone case.
Source: Selfly

For those who are sick of the same-old selfie, a new device promises to give a new angle to your life — if you don't mind a drone buzzing around you.

The Selfly is a proposed smartphone camera case that doubles as a selfie-taking drone. Its creator has raised more than $880,000 from more than 7,000 people through a Kickstarter campaign.

When you're feeling the need to humble-brag about your gorgeous beach vacation, hunger-inducing dish or the impressive way you complete mundane tasks, pop off your smartphone case and place the drone where you want it to hover. You can see "pilot's view" footage from your smartphone, which doubles up as a remote to avoid dreaded double-chin shots.

The Selfly can also circle around a fixed person or object, guaranteeing a 360-degree view of your Instagram-worthy life.

Selfly creator Hagay Klein, an aviation enthusiast who works as an orthodontist, believes the Selfly could be the device we need to achieve more exciting angles and pictures. He admits he's not that great at taking selfies.

"A year ago, I was on vacation with my kids," Klein explained. "They take about 50 selfies a day. I was taking a selfie, and you have to raise your hand and raise your lips a certain degree. My kids said, 'Hey you invented the Selfly, and you don't know how to take selfies.'"