We may have found the world's most high-tech bus stop

We may have found the world's nicest bus stop
We may have found the world's nicest bus stop

The wait is over for some commuters in Singapore.

At one of the city-state's bus stops, a new concept has been unveiled with the aim of making waiting more fun for commuters. Commuters can tap into free Wi-Fi, grab a physical book, download an E-Book using a QR code or even ride on a swing.

The setup also boasts digital boards with schedules, weather and community information. A green space with solar panels to help offset electricity costs sits atop the bus stop.

Singapore's Urban Development Authority and other agencies worked along with architects from DP Architects as a corporate social responsibility initiative. The concept hopes to rethink how infrastructure like bus stops can double as a social hub, encouraging people to connect and use the space in the same way they might think of a small local park.

Matthew Ashton | Corbis Sport | Getty Images

The bus stop is located in Jurong, which is an area of Singapore that has been testing concepts for "smart" innovations, as part of the country's aim to be a Smart Nation. The area is also home to tests including self-driving cars, smart street lighting and automated garbage sensors.

The bus stop will operate for just one year, but if it's well received, the government will consider implementing components of it into bus stops elsewhere around the city-state.

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