Deutsche Bank survey says investors optimistic on hedge fund performance

Deutsche Bank's recent survey of hedge fund industry investors found they were optimistic, according to Barry Bausano, the bank's president of securities.

"The number of people who are expecting to maintain or add to their hedge fund exposure was 90 percent this year versus 84 percent last year," Bausano said Wednesday on CNBC's "Power Lunch."

He said he agreed with the sentiment of billionaire hedge fund manager David Tepper that investors need to start looking to the upside.

Tepper said earlier Wednesday on "Squawk Box," that "everybody still looks on the negative side of life on everything for some reason. Almost 10 years, nine years after the downfall. It's not just a negative side of life."

Bausano said the Trump administration's plans for deregulation will be good for the market, but it will take time for them to have a nominal effect. He said the main things for investors are to make sure they have the right guidance through the economic and political changes.

"It's always been important to select the best strategy but now to a greater extent than ever, getting the right manager within the right strategy has been key," Bausano said.

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