White House won't say if Trump has confidence in Fed's Yellen

President Donald Trump once accused Janet Yellen of using the Federal Reserve to help his predecessor and said she should be "ashamed" about the job she has done.

A week ahead of the central bank's possible decision to raise interest rates for the first time since Trump took office, the White House will not say how he feels about the Fed chair now.

"Let me get back to you on that one. I don't have any comment on the Federal Reserve," press secretary Sean Spicer said Wednesday when asked about the potential rate hike and whether Trump has confidence in Yellen.

Expectations for the Fed raising the benchmark federal funds rate at its meeting next week have climbed in recent days. On the campaign trail, Trump accused Yellen of keeping rates near financial crisis levels to help President Barack Obama and artificially inflate the stock market. He called her political.

Yellen has defended the Fed's independence since Trump's attacks.

She started a four-year term in February 2014 and said after Trump's electoral victory that she plans to serve for the full period.

Spicer would not say Wednesday how Trump feels about the potential for the Fed to hike rates now. He trumpeted what the Trump administration has called its role in renewing economic optimism and encouraging companies to invest and create jobs in the United States.