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Your Kit Kat will soon have 10% less sugar

Kit Kat by Nestle
Fabrice Coffrini | AFP | Getty Images

Nestlé chocolates will have 10 percent less sugar starting next year as the firm tries to make their products healthier.

Key brands such as KitKat, Aeros, Lion and After Eight will all have a total of around 7,500 tonnes of sugar removed and be replaced by existing and non-artificial ingredients.

"Nestlé is at the forefront of efforts to research and develop new technology that makes food products better for our consumers. These innovations will help us to reduce sugar in confectionery when they are combined with other, more common methods like reformulating recipes and swapping sugar for other, non-artificial ingredients," Fiona Kendrick, chairman of Nestlé UK and Ireland said in a press release on Tuesday.

Nestlé told CNBC via email that the move was not linked to the weakening pound following the Brexit vote.The fall in sterling as a result of the Brexit vote has meant higher import costs. Some companies have been forced to increase prices or shrink their products to offset the impact of the higher import bills.

Last November, Mondelez International, who sells Toblerone decided to widen the gap between the triangular pieces. At the time, the firm also denied that the decision was related to Brexit.

On Tuesday, data showed that grocery inflation reached nearly three-year high of 1.4 percent in the 12 weeks to February. Butter prices jumped 15 percent, fish is 8 percent more expensive and tea prices rose 6 percent.

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