When Tony Robbins needs inspiration, he turns to these 3 books

Self-made millionaire Tony Robbins
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World-famous business guru Tony Robbins offers inspiration for a living.

After being abused by his mother as a child, Robbins built a career on the idea that your greatest hardships provide your most valuable lessons. Today, Robbins sits at the head of a holding company with more than 12 businesses that bring in more than $5 billion in sales per year, according to his website. Tickets for his upcoming appearance in New York City range from $650 to $2995 a seat.

Even Robbins, however, needs inspiration himself from time to time. And he gets that from three books, according to a recently released post on Omnivoracious, Amazon's book review website.

Tony Robbins: The goal is to feel the fear
Tony Robbins: The goal is to feel the fear

"Tools of the Titans" by Tim Ferriss

Why Robbins loves it: "Tim is a brilliant thinker. The way he approaches mastery is inspiring in many ways. His latest book is no exception. What I loved about 'Tools of Titans' is that it distills key tactics, routines and habits of the ultra-successful in actionable ways that anyone can take advantage of. Highly recommended. Every chapter is a valuable lesson."

"Living Forward" by Michael Hyatt & Daniel Harkavy

Why Robbins loves it: "The people who have achieved greatness are not just lucky. They created and executed a plan, took massive action to get results, and were willing to adjust the course when the plan didn't work.

"While most people understand this in business, they don't always apply it to every area of their life. That's why I recommend this book. It's a guide that will show you how to develop and utilize a clear and compelling Life Plan to create the life you want."

"Start with Why" by Simon Sinek

Why Robbins loves it: "The basis of this book is so important to anyone looking to increase their influence, profits or impact. People won't truly buy into a product, service, movement, or idea until they understand the WHY behind it. When you start with the why, everything else falls into place.

"This book is so impactful, I consider it required reading."

Tony Robbins identifies the trait Branson, Jobs and Gates have in common
Tony Robbins identifies the trait Branson, Jobs and Gates have in common