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Exclusive: UTX CEO Hayes tells Cramer he will plow money from tax cuts into hiring

Cramer on UTX: This is the most excited I've seen the CEO
Cramer on UTX: This is the most excited I've seen the CEO

United Technologies CEO Greg Hayes told Jim Cramer in an exclusive interview on Friday that he is seeing real momentum in the economy since the election, and the orders are flowing in to prove it.

On top of his priorities for the company, Hayes told Cramer that he is anticipating tax cuts from the current administration, and plans to use the money to hire.

"The tax cuts will be meaningful. It will be plowed back in to hiring more people, if they can find them," Cramer said.

Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation Gregory Hayes
Jim Young | Reuters

Cramer told CNBC's "Power Lunch" that in the time that he has known Hayes, this was the most bullish he has ever seen Hayes on every single division of the company. Hayes said his biggest problem right now is that he can't find enough workers to install elevators for the Otis Elevator division.

Hayes affirmed the positive relationship with the current administration, and said United Technologies is right on the cost curve committed for the F135 engines it makes to power the F-35 aircraft. In 2016, the Joint Program Office awarded Pratt & Whitney a $1.5 billion low rate initial production contract for the F135 systems.

"We're right on the cost curve that we've committed to the government," Hayes said. "That is about an 89 percent learning curve. So, every time we double production, we're coming down in cost by about 11 percent and that's exactly what we committed to when we started the program, and we're right on that line."

Programming note: The full interview with Jim Cramer and United Technologies' Greg Hayes will air on "Mad Money" on Friday at 6 p EST.

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