House majority leader says 4% economic growth solves all US financial problems

We want something better than Obamacare: Rep. McCarthy

As the Republican-controlled House struggles to gain support for its Obamacare replacement bill before moving on to cutting taxes, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told CNBC on Monday his party's agenda is all about growing the economy.

If economic growth were to advance at a faster pace, 3.5 to 4 percent, "all these problems" the nation faces financially "will go away," the Republican congressman said on "Squawk Box." "The future of where we're going is so much better than where we are," he added.

Specifically on the GOP's American Health Care Act, McCarthy said, "We're in a very good place right now."

"With some [lawmakers] from both extremes of the party complaining, it must mean you're in a good place," McCarthy added. The bottom line, he argued, "This is the bill that President Trump supports. This is fundamental change."

The Congressional Budget Office could release as soon as Monday its score of the bill's costs.