These are the world's 15 most livable cities

The view overlooking Vienna from the bell tower of Stephansdom in Stephansplatz in Vienna, Austria.
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Which is the world's most livable city?

Mercer's annual Quality of Living Survey has ranked 230 cities against 39 factors including political, economic, environmental and public service factors to identify those with the highest standard of living.

This year, despite political uncertainty, Europe took eleven of the top 15 spots. We take you through the best global cities.

15. Wellington

Wellington, New Zealand
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New Zealand's Wellington is the fifteenth city on Mercer's top list this year, celebrated for its exposure to outdoor pursuits, including sandy beaches and picturesque walks.

14. Bern

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Switzerland's fourth-most populous city is a regular among the rankings for its high quality of living, boasting good public services and historic architecture.

13. Berlin

People walk past the illuminated Brandenburg Gate
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A cultural melting pot, Germany's capital Berlin has progressed vastly in recent decades following a turbulent past. It is now seen as one of Europe's most impressive artistic centers.

12. Amsterdam

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Capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is known for its historical and artistic heritage, which is interwoven by a picturesque canal network.

10. Sydney

Qantas wants non-stop long haul flights to Sydney, Australia.
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Australia's iconic coastal city Sydney enjoys joint tenth place with Basel. Known for its sunny climate and beautiful beaches, the city also boasts a strong business district and varied cultural offerings.

10. Basel

Switzerland Basel-Stadt Basel
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Basel is one of three Swiss cities to secure a place in this year's listing. Situated on the cusp of the German border, the medieval city oozes with glorious architecture which spills onto the banks of the river.

9. Copenhagen

New Harbour is a 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen
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Copenhagen, a newcomer to the top 15 ranking, is the capital of Denmark and a global culinary hub.

8. Geneva

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Surrounded by the world-famous Swiss Alps, Geneva sits on the southern tip of Lake Geneva and is seen as a global center for diplomacy and banking.

7. Frankfurt

Frankfurt's skyline as viewed from the top floor of the new European Central Bank (ECB) headquarters
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The third German city to list this year, Frankfurt is a major financial hub and home to the European Central Bank. The city also ranks as the most diverse in the country.

6. Dusseldorf

View along the promenade towards the TV tower in Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf, Germany.
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Situated in western Germany, Dusseldorf sits on the Rhine River and is celebrated for its fashion industry and art scene.

5. Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada
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Seaport city Vancouver is among Canada's densest, drawing residents with its advanced services and modern architecture, which sit against a mountainous backdrop.

4. Munich

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Munich, the lead out of four German cities to list among the top 15, boasts beautiful architecture, a strong business center and enviable public services.

3. Auckland

North Island, Auckland, New Zealand.
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New Zealand's Auckland took third place for overall quality of living in 2017. Based in the country's North Island, the city enjoys a temperate climate, sea views and proximity to stunning landscapes.

2. Zurich

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Zurich, a global banking and finance center, also benefits from picturesque scenery and Switzerland's globally renowned high living standards.

1. Vienna

A view over the Austrian capital of Vienna.
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Austria's capital Vienna has been ranked as the world's most livable city for the eighth year running.

Set in the heart of Europe, Vienna is famed for its artistic and musical masterpieces, listing Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud among its historic residents.

Correction: This slideshow has been updated to reflect that Wellington is the capital of New Zealand.