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Cramer's lightning round: Target's caught between these two retailers, and it could get hairy


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Target: "It's going down. Target is in the crosshairs, it's in the crosshairs of Wal-Mart and Amazon and Dollar General, for that matter. Kind of a bad place to be. They've got to reconfigure, they've got to bring back the excitement, and I don't know how they do that, but then again, I'm not the CEO, so I don't have to worry."

Gilead Sciences: "I've got to tell you, it's always tempting, but they need to make an acquisition. I've been saying this over and over again, and if they came on the show, I'd say it too. Without an acquisition, it's just a value trap."

Novo Nordisk: "We didn't include it because it has very little growth, and … [Eli] Lilly is just a much better growth company than Novo, and … remember, there's a lot of political pressure on Novo. But not on Lilly.

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals: "This thing has had too much of a move. It's got to cool off. I've been watching it. Too crazed."

Barracuda Networks: "I follow them on Twitter. You know, they're some very smart guys. They do a lot of stuff that I like. They do networking, content security, and I will bless it. Yeah, I think it's good. I mean, look, these things can have shortfalls. But I like this company."

STMicroelectronics NV: "Yes. You know what, I've been trying to profile the ones that people don't talk about. That's a very good one, STMicro. I like it. Do I like it as much as NVIDIA? No. Do I like it as much as AMD? No. But it's good.

One called asked if Nokia could come back: "No."

Tellurian: "No, no double down, no double down, but I do like it because of Shari Souki, and he's got 15 percent of the company, and we want to be with Shari for the side-by-side, but let's not go crazy."

Citrix Systems: "You know, it had that run because people said it was going to be taking over, and then it wasn't taking over. I don't know, I feel like they stole from the upside. I would not want to come in at this level."

Voya Financial: "No, I like Voya. That's a good one. I mean, kind of boring, kind of a little paint dry there, but I think it's an OK situation."

Delta Air Lines: "Well, you stop wondering, start buying. I mean, Delta's inexpensive, I like the business. I think the quarter's going to be weak, but the year's going to be good. DAL, it's got a big thumbs up from me."

Community Health Systems: "Inexpensive, but not my cup of tea, particularly with 'repeal and replace.' I want to repeal and replace that stock with UnitedHealth."

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