Cramer says Europe might be a better place to invest than you think

As the euro creeps towards stability and economies across the pond strengthen, Jim Cramer thinks that right now, Europe could provide better investments than the United States.

"All I am saying is that with a euro that's seemingly found its footing, economies that are growing stronger, and an underrated level of political stability, Europe might be a better place to invest than the U.S., at least for now," the "Mad Money" host said.

With Washington in gridlock over health care and FBI hearings destabilizing the capital, Cramer said Europe's once-concerning politics "are looking downright placid" in comparison.

"No wonder the European stock markets are almost outperforming our market ... That's because their collective economies are turning and their earnings growth could be much stronger year-over-year than we have in this country, especially if President [Donald] Trump's tax cuts get pushed back to 2018, as many commentators are now forecasting," Cramer said.

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Some U.S. executives may even be ahead of the curve, Cramer said, citing PPG's hard-fought push for a $26 billion deal with Dutch chemical company Akzo Nobel and Kraft Heinz's $143 billion proposal to merge with Unilever.

"You have to believe these aren't idle chunks of money thrown around by uninformed individuals," Cramer said. "They're signs that Europe might be a better place to invest than you think."

And while Cramer is not calling for the end of the Trump trade, which he said will continue even if the GOP does not succeed in repealing and replacing Obamacare in the next 10 days, he did make a bull case for a few European companies.

Cramer tapped Spain's Banco Santander and Germany's Deutsche Bank as names that could do well after Brexit, since London's financial hub could falter as bankers move their business outside of the U.K.

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