Dunkin' Donuts is ditching its Coffee Coolatta and people are really unhappy

Dunkin Donuts is replacing a frozen fan favorite
Dunkin Donuts is replacing a frozen fan favorite

Dunkin' Donuts will be saying good-bye to one of its frozen drinks this summer.

The Coffee Coolatta will be discontinued in the next few months and replaced with Dunkin's revamped Frozen Coffee, a frozen beverage that packs a bit more coffee taste than its predecessor.

"Our Coffee Coolatta isn't good enough," Chris Fuqua, senior vice president for the brand, said during a media event Tuesday. "This product is way better."

The Coffee Coolatta will be phased out as the new Frozen Dunkin' Coffee enters stores. Dunkin' will be releasing several other cold and frozen beverages at the end of March including Dunkin' Energy Punch Powered by Monster Energy, Caramel Shaved Ice Espresso and Fruited Teas.

Frozen Dunkin' Coffee is made with Dunkin' coffee extract, blended with ice, liquid cane sugar and dairy. Customers can customize the drink in any way they want, adding additional flavors or picking a different dairy mixer.

"You just can't have it black," said Molly Zimmerman, senior research and development technologist. It took Zimmerman four years to bring frozen coffee to fruition.

While the new Frozen Coffee is billed as a having "a more authentic, energizing coffee drinking experience" than its predecessor, not all customers are excited about the change.

Social media users took to Twitter on Wednesday to express their displeasure.

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