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American Vice: Black Market Marijuana – Facts and Figures


American Vice: Black Market Marijuana goes deep inside the multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise of the illegal marijuana industry. Below are some facts and figures about the industry.

Marijuana Is America’s Most Lucrative Cash Crop

It's a $20 billion black market business.

The Price Varies Across the Country

Because there is more of a scarcity on the east coast, marijuana commands a higher price there -- about $2,800 - $3,200 per pound. While on the west coast, the street value is $1,200 - $1,500 per pound.

The New York City Market

In New York City, marijuana is a $2 billion a year industry.

There Are Harsh Penalties for Getting Caught

The penalties for crossing state lines with marijuana are five to 40 years in prison and millions of dollars in fines.

Techniques Used to Grow Marijuana

Light deprivation is a technique used to get marijuana to grow faster. Blackout tarps are used to force the buds to flower.

The Demand for Edibles Is on the Rise

Edibles are foods infused with cannabis and the demand for those products has increased. In states where pot is legal, sales of edibles are growing 25 percent faster than smokable marijuana. Some edibles include granola, cookies, gummies and more.

Cooking Marijuana and THC Levels

When cooking marijuana, it is important to know the THC levels. THC is the active ingredient and primary intoxicant in marijuana. In edibles, 200 mg of THC is equivalent to about four or five joints.

Extracting THC

Extracting THC from the marijuana plant can be a long process. One way is to use alcohol to extract it. Soaking the plant in alcohol is called a tincture. To speed up the process, a botanical extractor can be used.

Different Types of Strains

There are several strains of marijuana. Sour Diesel and OG strains are in high demand because they are known to have a great potency.