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Queen Elizabeth launches search for new curtain and cushion maker at Buckingham Palace

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The Queen of England is hiring a new curtain and soft furnishings maker for Buckingham Palace, according to a job listing posted Monday on the royal website.

The successful candidate will be paid the less-than-princely sum of 22,000 pounds ($27,433) per year plus benefits and contributions towards a pension.

At that level, the basic salary falls short of the 27,600 pounds average U.K. wage for the tax year ended April 2015 - which reflects the most recent figures available - according to data from the Office of National Statistics.

The eventual hire will certainly have his or her work cut out with the job listing explaining that between Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and St. James's Palace, there will be "more than a thousand rooms, all containing various furniture and furnishings."

"The range of projects will stretch you," advertisement goes on to claim, clearly implying that only ambitious candidates should consider applying.

All those still interested have until April 6 to get their applications into tip-top shape and submitted for the chance to be the one "conserving and creating magnificent items that will be enjoyed by future generations" thereby earning "the greatest sense of reward" - as affirmed by the job posting.

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