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Cramer's lightning round: This energy play should do well even with low oil prices


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Halliburton: "I like Halliburton's analyst data. They were good. My charitable trust owns Schlumberger. I think that's even better."

Noble Energy Inc.: "Noble's good. Noble's good. It's a very well-run, very conservative company. [It] should do well in this environment with oil down in the mid-$40s. It will make money. It's starting to turn up right here."

Himax Technologies: "Look, that area is so red-hot. You saw the Exar deal today. It's a Taiwanese company. I say it's fine. I'm not going to jump up and down. I actually think Cypress is better right here, CY. Yes, Cypress Semi[conductors], remember them? They're going to be in the Apple iPhone, it looks like."

Chemours Co.: "The spin-off, it did it without me. I was worried about the environmental concerns, didn't opine on it, [and] this thing is on fire. I've got to tell you, Chemours may not be done going higher. There's so many people short the darn thing."

Zoetis Inc.: "Look, I think it's animal health, but more important, it's got humanization of pets to it. Anyone see Idex Labs lately? Holy cow."

Golden Ocean Group Ltd.: "Look, the bullet freight is up, it's a huge amount of bulk shipping, though, [that] I don't like. I'm going to have to say don't buy."

Alcoa: "I like Alcoa as a commodity play, given that the Baltic freight keeps hitting new highs and given the fact that Alcoa has taken a lot of cost out. I'm a buyer down here at $32. It did go up to the mid-30s, started in the 20s, I still like it."

Celgene Corp.: "Celgene's a buy. No, it's terrific. And I've got to tell you, I thought Regeneron should have gone up more on that atopic dermatitis."

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