The Partner

Peilin Pratt

Meet Peilin Pratt

Although she and her husband have built a business made of sugary treats, there's nothing sugar-coated with the way this Californian approaches business. The former lawyer and current co-owner of wears many hats during her typical work day and is no stranger to juggling tasks.

A fan of "The Profit" since season one, Pratt is thrilled to have the opportunity to be in the same space as Marcus Lemonis, but she's also happy with her career at Pratt's willing to give up her gig at, but only for the right opportunity. And her reluctance is not surprising, if you consider the fact that her company rakes in about $15 million a year.

Pratt's business success is due in no small part to her impressive pedigree as a Harvard Law School graduate and time as an executive at CBS Studios. Perhaps the best thing about Pratt, however, is her desire and willingness to learn, especially from Marcus Lemonis.