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This app tells you when Trump tweets about your stocks and "triggers" trades for you

App “triggers” your trades
App “triggers” your trades

This app will notify you when Trump tweets about a company whose stock you own, and it claims to take the emotion out of investing.

Tech start-up Trigger Finance has built a financial app that uses simple "if this, then that" statements called "triggers," which monitor any type of financial data and deliver executions in real time.

For example, a trigger could be: "If the Fed raises interest rates, then sell SPY" or "If oil trades below $20, then buy Exxon."

According to the app's founders, its platform is used by 30,000 investors who have created hundreds of thousands of triggers and is currently free for retail investors.

Rachel Mayer, the company's CEO and co-founder, tells CNBC, "The app resonates with millennial DIY investors who are managing over $250 million dollars of wealth using triggers."

Mayer said that the company's "Trump triggers," which launched in late January 2017, is the most popular trigger on the platform with nearly 10,000 investors subscribed to it.

Source: Trigger Finance

"[Investors are using Trigger] to make better investment decisions … and to remove the emotion from the investing process," Mayer explained.

Mayer also said her app is a platform where businesses and app developers can build upon and license to bring triggers to their users.

The company is partnering with large financial institutions like NASDAQ and TD Ameritrade in terms of marketing as well as demoing its products and technology at large financial conferences.

Headquartered in New York City, Trigger Finance was founded in June 2015. Its team of three employees consists of former traders and engineers from Google and JPMorgan and has raised $675,000 in funding to date.

The app is now available on iOS and the company told CNBC it will be available on Android by early April 2017.

— By CNBC's Christopher DiLella & Joanna Weinstein