Here are some April Fools' pranks tech companies are pulling online

It's that time of year again: Some tech companies are presenting their wackiest fake ideas to trick you into thinking those crazy products are actually coming to market.

Here's a roundup of notable April Fools' tech pranks this year. Don't get your hopes set you'll be able to take home one of these outlandish products.


Meet Petlexa: Amazon Alexa's counterpart that speaks dog, cat or hamster. The smart device understands what those squeaks, meows and barks mean so your pets can get exactly what you want.


The temporary photo-sharing network has pointed out that Facebook has been copying its features. In a jab at the social media giant, the camera company added an "Insta"- ready filter you can get by swiping on your screen after you take a photo. Touché.


Google Gnome helps make your connected yard dreams a reality.
Courtesy of Google

Smart homes? Google is doubling down on smart gnomes. The Google Gnome device will give homeowners the "connected yard" of their dreams. Just walk outside and speak your command, and Google's army of helper gnomes will come to the rescue. You can find the device in the Google Store or the Made by Google site.

Google app

Google is tapping into what our pets are feeling with new "I'm Feeling Woof" and "I'm Feeling Meow" modes on search. Just like the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button, it will take Fido or Fifi to a pet-approved website that they are guaranteed to like.

Google Maps

Ms. Pac-Man doesn't need help from Google Maps with directions.
Source: Google Maps

If you don't need to get to your destination in a hurry, Google Maps added a Ms. Pac-Man mode to further distract you from your task at hand. To play, open your Google Maps app and click on the pink Ms. Pac-Man icon on the right side of the screen. The idea is recycled from 2015's Pac-Man integration, but hey, if it isn't broke, then don't fix it.


Grubhub and Seamless' Delivery X service uses parkour runners, skateboarders and BMX riders to get you your food faster than ever. No guarantees its going to stay in the takeout box.


The DooDoo Drone 3000 (and its heavy duty counterpart DooDoo Drone 9000) picks up after your dog so you don't have to. Drop a location pin at the scene of the crime, and send your drone right in.


Groupon is joining the flat earth believers and giving out educational downloadable flat earth globes for free.


The benefits of autonomous vehicles isn't limited to driverless cars. Lexus' "lane valet" technology forces slow moving cars to shift lanes, so you can get to your destination quicker. Sure, they aren't tech company, but we'll give them a hat tip for innovating the self-driving car industry.


Education technology company has released a new energy drink called "Chugg." Powered by "a crap ton of caffeine" and "ground up unicorn horns," alleged testimonials claim you can down this drink, not sleep for 72 hours and write an entire thesis.


Ok, Honda isn't a tech company either, but this is pretty good. Instead of your standard honk, "Honda Horn Emojis" will play a themed tune appropriately tied to a illustrated expression button on your steering wheel.


Don't have time to watch your favorite show? Hulu's Hu abbreviates not only its name, but shortens episodes into eight seconds (or slightly more) to capture your fleeting attention.


You'll never go without service when you're wearing your T-Mobile ONEsie. Slip on this wearable tech made from nano technology and you'll be fully covered, whether through full bars service or literally all-over fitness tracking.


Telecommuting has evolved, thanks to the Prysm Avatar. Send your drone to work, and it will project a full-sized hologram of you in your office. Wardrobe options include a "programmer" t-shirt look, a "Silicon Valley" hoodie outfit, and a business casual suit.


Nerd-approved product purveyors have a couple pop culture-themed products in their store today. Where's Barb? is a Where's Waldo?-style game inspired by Netflix's "Stranger Things," while you can get a temporary full body snake tattoo just like Armistice on HBO's "Westworld." While you're there, you can purchase a copy of "Shazam" starring Sinbad. ThinkGeek has produced some of its popular April Fools' Day products in the past, so if you are bummed out the swim desk isn't real keep your fingers crossed.

Note: CNBC parent company NBCUniversal is an investor in Hulu.