For $50,000 a month, you could rent this luxe Manhattan townhouse covered in fur

This New York City townhouse is covered in animal skins
This New York City townhouse is covered in animal skins

One townhouse owner in the concrete jungle of Manhattan has drawn interior design inspiration from the actual jungle: They have covered a luxury pad, top to bottom, in animal fur.

As revisited on an upcoming episode of CNBC's "Secret Lives of the Super Rich," one not-vegan-friendly TriBeCa townhouse has hides, leathers, scales and prints on everything from pillows and chairs to doors and stairs.

Originally listed for $43.5 million, the owner — who chose to stay anonymous — slashed the price of the home to around $25 million in hopes of luring in an interested buyer who would appreciate the place's many decorative quirks. The townhouse was later offered for rent at $49,500 per month.

The house features a host of other unusual and striking details, including a 14-foot fish tank, state-of-the-art security system and garage-turned-playroom.

Let's take a peek inside.

Among the first things you see when you walk in is the 500-gallon fish tank that divides the living room and dining room. The tank connects to a $1 million lighting system that can not only change the ambiance of the room but tint the color of the fish as well.

Fish aren't the only animals found in this unconventional TriBeCa home. Furs and animal prints abound, starting with a living room adorned in fluffed-up pillows, fur-covered chairs and numerous bovine rugs.

Explore various levels of the house via staircases covered in Argentinian cowhide.

For extra support, grab handrails enclosed in lizard skin imported from South America.

Even doors get the animal house treatment here, including this entryway cloaked in cowhide painted to look like zebra skin.

Another room couples fluffy fur rugs with equally plush pillows, as well as more cowhide floor coverings.

The safari motif doesn't stop with fur. Animal-inspired décor pervades the entire home, including a chair made of entirely of horns and a turquoise deer bust.

The master bedroom strays from the beastly theme, but it might be one of the safest places in Manhattan, thanks to its reinforced walls, bulletproof windows and six deadbolts on the door.

The garage-turned-playroom boasts another kind of animal: A custom-painted McLaren bearing the likeness of the Incredible Hulk.