Cramer's lightning round: If we get two rate hikes, this stock's a good buy

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Verizon Wireless: "Oh, I like Verizon. It's been a great stock. We've been recommending it literally since the show began, not backing away from it now. I like yield, too."

Randgold Resources: "OK, remember, I do like the [ETF] GLD and I like fiscal gold best and then Randgold, and you could buy it here, this is seasonally a good time for gold. I'm doing a roundtable about it … that includes gold for TheStreet on Wednesday, and I think it's fine right here. I like gold. I like Randgold."

Nektar Therapeutics: "I can't say it's in the lead [for developing non-addictive opioid treatments]. There are many companies trying to do exactly what Nektar's doing. I say it is in the mix, and so therefore I think it's a decent spec. And you're absolutely right, the opioid epidemic is the worst, that's why I've been recommending Alkermes, but I think that yours is a very interesting spec."

Bank of America Corp.: "Remember, I think that they are very hemmed in by the previous administration. I'd like to see exactly what the Trump administration allows them to do in terms of raising the dividend. I believe if there's two rate hikes, then Bank of America is a good buy. We'll see the numbers on Friday with the employment, and Wednesday we get the Federal Reserve notes. But I think Bank of America's good, I think it's one and a half down and three up, and that's a ratio that I don't mind. It has had a big run since the election."

Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.: "Nope, I do not like the bulk shippers. I do not like the crude oil plays. I just do not want to be in that business."

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