Even with Amazon's NFL deal, conventional TV doesn't need to be afraid yet, says former CBS exec

Amazon's $50 million dollar NFL streaming deal shouldn't worry broadcasters, because it "hasn't cannibalized television" yet, former CBS Sports president Neal Pilson told CNBC on Wednesday.

On Closing Bell, Pilson said it's important to note a few things when looking at the deal. "It's one year, only 10 games and only $50 million dollars," and it's just an "add on," he said.

The move is an experiment for both Amazon and the NFL, he said, and that because the content is behind a paywall it's unlikely the sports viewership will rival that of the big television networks. Pilson also says people "at home will still watch on a broadcast network."

That could change if the NFL were to give an exclusive deal to an over-the-top (OTT) platform, or social network like Facebook or Twitter. But Pilson, says while that could happen in the future it's not something likely to happen anytime soon. "I don't see an OTT platform taking away a package from television," he said. "Sports is becoming an increasingly important product for conventional television, and there is still strength, money and an economic model in conventional TV."