Crabmeat pork rinds? 11 outrageous foods you'll see at the ballpark this year


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Crabmeat pork rinds? 11 outrageous foods you'll see at the ballpark this year

Gerald Martineau | The Washington Post | Getty Images

Long gone are the days of a simple hot dog and beer combo at the ballpark.

In a bid to create the ultimate fan experience, Major League Baseball parks across the U.S. have launched new, quirky and sometimes downright weird dishes for fans to munch on.

The goal is to create a buzz as fans share photos of these culinary oddities, not only to draw folks to the park, but also to give concession sales a bump. Food sales generate millions in revenue for MLB teams. Along with ticket sales, they can help ease the pain of multimillion-dollar players' salaries.

Of course, MLB fans are still expected to eat close to 19 million hot dogs this year, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. So, the typical ballpark frank isn't disappearing anytime soon.

"Year after year, hot dogs continue to hit it out of the park at the concession stand," Eric Mittenthal, president of the NHDSC, said in a statement. "As teams innovate to offer more food choices and inventive creations, one thing is certain: hot dogs and baseball are inseparable."

Here's a look at some of the wackiest food options available at parks across the country.

  • 16'' Brisket mac & cheese grilled cheese

    Guaranteed Rate Field isn't just home to the Chicago White Sox this season. There's also this impressive sandwich.

    The brisket mac & cheese grilled cheese is a 16-inch sandwich stuffed with brisket, barbecue sauce, and mac & cheese. It's available for season ticket holders who are part of the Huntington Bank Stadium Club.

    16'' Brisket Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese at the Chicago White Sox
    Source: Chicago White Sox
  • Crabmeat pork rinds

    At Camden Yards you have three choices when it comes to pork rind dishes. The home of the Baltimore Orioles offers a bacon pork rind chipper, a pulled pork rind chipper and a crabmeat pork rind chipper.

    The crabmeat pork rind chipper has a base of pork rinds topped with cheese sauce, crab meat, Old Bay seasoning and scallions.

    Crabmeat Pork Rinds at Baltimore Orioles' Camden Yards.
    Source: Delaware North
  • Texas snowballs

    Everything really is bigger in Texas. Globe Life Park is home to a 24-inch tamale and a 24-inch Texas Philly sandwich. But perhaps the oddest addition to the park's menu is the Texas snowball.

    The dish is made by rolling shredded brisket into a ball, dipping it in funnel cake batter, and tossing it in the deep fryer. It's then rolled in powdered sugar.

    Texas Snow Balls at the Texas Rangers.
    Source: Delaware North
  • Chicken enchilada dog

    At Chase Field in Arizona, fans can order up an 18-inch chicken enchilada dog.

    This play on a traditional hot dog is a chicken enchilada sausage, served on a roll, with queso blanco, pico de gallo, black olives, sour cream and tri-colored tortilla strips.

    Chicken Enchilada Dog
    Source: Levy Restaurants
  • Tomahawk chop sandwich

    If you're catching a game at SunTrust Park with a group of people, you may want to order a tomahawk chop sandwich.

    The extra-large sandwich is a fried pork chop topped with collard green slaw and white BBQ sauce on a potato roll. It serves four to six people and will cost you $26.

    Tomhawk Chop Sandwich at the Atlanta Braves
    Source: Delaware North
  • Tuna poke bowl

    This Hawaiian specialty has cruised to the mainland and is quickly spreading across the U.S. Traditional poke, pronounced "po-kay," is cubed, fresh raw seafood (usually tuna or octopus) mixed with soy sauce, green onions and sesame oil served over rice.

    At Dodger Stadium, fans can grab a tuna poke bowl filled with fresh ahi tuna, carrots, edamame and a soy dipping sauce.

    Poke Bowl
    Source: Levy Restaurants
  • Chicken funnel cake sandwich

    If you want a taste of the carnival at the ball game, then the chicken funnel cake sandwich at Chase Field is for you.

    This decadent sandwich is a funnel cake bun with a crispy chicken filet, garlic, cheddar cheese and strawberry-granny apple jam, topped with powdered sugar. If that's not sweet enough, it even comes with maple syrup on the side.

    Chicken Funnel Cake Sandwich
    Source: Levy Restaurants
  • Mac & cheese twister

    Fans of the Orioles can order up a mac & cheese twister at Camden Yards this year.

    Mac & cheese is topped with either crab meat, buffalo chicken or pulled pork and served in a twisted bread cone.

    Mac & Cheese Twister at Camden Yards, Baltimore.
    Source: Delaware North
  • Taco dog

    Miami Marlins fans can get a twist on an old ballpark favorite this season at Marlins Park.

    The taco dog is a foot-long Nathan's frank topped with chili, pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo, shredded cabbage and jalapenos on a tortilla bun.

    Taco Dog
    Source: Levy Restaurants
  • PB&J wings

    At Petco Park, fans of the Padres can munch on some unique chicken wings.

    PB&J wings are spicy-sweet chicken wings slathered in a jalapeno, blackberry and toasted peanut glaze.

    PB&J Wings at the San Diego Padres
    Source: Delaware North
  • bao to the pork

    Wrigley Field may be one of the oldest parks in the league, but its menu is up to date on food trends.

    The home of the Chicago Cubs is offering the bao to the pork, a hickory smoked pulled pork sandwich with Asian sauce, pickled daikon and carrot, cucumbers and jalapeno relish on a steamed bao bun.

    Bao to the Pork
    Source: Levy Restaurants