MTV Movie and TV awards go ‘gender neutral’

Actress Emma Watson attends the 'Beauty And The Beast' New York screening
Gary Gershoff | WireImage

MTV is to scrap male and female acting categories and instead opt for "gender neutral" prizes in its annual Movie and TV Awards.

As of this year, actors and actresses will compete together in non-gender specific categories and will see the likes of Emma Watson come up against James McAvoy in the 'Best Actor in a Movie' award.

Other non-gendered awards will include 'Best Actor in a Show', 'Best Hero' and 'Best Comedic Performance' when the ceremony takes place on May 7.

The move brings MTV in line with the Grammys, which has never had separate categories, and Britain's National Television Awards, which introduced general performance categories in 2008.

The announcement comes just days after Stonewall, the U.K.'s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights charity, called for U.K. passports to provide a gender neutral 'X' as an alternative to male and female categories.

The campaign group claimed that the current guidelines make it difficult for transgender people to travel abroad because of concerns about receiving intrusive questions at passport control.

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