Android creator is asking people to guess what this crazy thing is he's building

Key Points
  • Andy Rubin created Android and used to work for Google
  • Rubin now runs a company named Essential
  • Essential is building a smartphone and apparently another new gadget, too
Andy Rubin

The inventor of Android, Andy Rubin, is teasing something new.

Rubin published a photo to Twitter on Wednesday of a colleague working at a computer. "Can anyone guess what my colleague Wei is working on?" Rubin asked. "First correct guess wins a signed version of the product when it's ready."

Here's the full tweet.

It appears to be some sort of 360 degree camera, or perhaps something tied to virtual reality, given there's a clear 360-degree image up on the computer's display. This is big, though, because it suggests that Rubin is working to build additional products for his new company.

Rubin's firm Essential has already teased a smartphone that runs Android and appears to have a bezel-less design, similar to some of the most advanced smartphones coming to the market this year. Until now, it seemed that Rubin was only working on a smartphone. Now it appears there's much more.

Essential is going to be a company to watch, and all we've heard so far is that its first smartphone is coming "soon."