Blue states would benefit most from Republican tax plan, study says

They didn't vote for Donald Trump, but blue states might reap more benefits from Republican tax plans. That's according to a CNBC analysis of fresh estimates from the Tax Foundation, a right-of-center think tank.

The foundation's new analysis adds a state-by-state look to a study done last summer when the House Republicans released their tax reform plan. It estimates the gain in after-tax income for the median household in each state. Overall, the tax reform plan would increase after-tax incomes of median households by 8.7 percent, the study found.

But that figure is different for each state, depending on the economic breakdown of the population. CNBC combined the tax-gain estimates with election returns and population data.

States that voted for Hillary Clinton like New Hampshire, Maryland and Connecticut are all near the top, with more than $6,000 in gains. At the bottom of the list are solid-red states like Arkansas, Kentucky and Mississippi, whose estimated tax gains for the median household is just $3,483.

The Tax Foundation's analysis also estimated the jobs that would be created under the GOP tax plan. The estimates for full-time jobs added is more equitably distributed between majority Democrat and majority-Republican states, with North Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota and Massachusetts leading, relative to population.