This Russian wine bottle reveals scenes of drunken carnage and the more you drink, the worse they get

Y&R Russia

Russia has an alcohol problem. According to a 2014 study in U.K. medical journal The Lancet, 25 percent of Russian men die before they are 55, with most of the deaths due to alcohol.

The country has one of the highest levels of alcohol consumption in the world, coming fourth after Belarus, Moldova and Lithuania, according to a 2014 World Health Organization study.

But like many people, Russians don't like being told how to live their lives. So in a bid to convey a message about responsible drinking, ad agency Y&R Russia decided to use the bottle itself. It illustrated 1,000 bottles, which show pictures of a couple enjoying a night out, and worked with distributor Simple Wines on the campaign, known as "Don't reach the bottom."

Y&R Russia designed bottles showing drinking scenes getting gradually worse
Y&R Russia

The pictures are invisible when the bottle is full, but as more of the wine is poured, the scenes get increasingly wild, with one featuring the couple getting into a car, and then crashing it. A video to go with the campaign asks: "How can we educate people in a country where alcohol consumption is deeply rooted in national culture?"

Bottles were sent to bloggers as well as wine stores as part of the campaign, in an attempt to move away from shock tactics often used in government advertising to tackle excessive drinking. The wine was also given to people in bars, aiming to tell them "you may reach the bottom of the bottle, but shouldn't let yourself reach the bottom of life," the video explains.

"Russians don't like to be lectured about drinking. But this approach aroused people's interest and provoked them to think without being preachy," said Simple Wine Vice President Anatoly Korneev in an emailed statement.

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