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Cramer's lightning round: Wait for the yield to go up before you buy this consumer food play


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

General Mills: "I have been struggling over General Mills and how hard [it is] to go out on it because I believe in Ken Powell, I believe in the story, but it has been very disappointing. I say keep your half, and then when it yields — go by yield — 3.75 [percent], you buy the other half, and not until then. It's 3.3 [percent] right now."

UBS Group: "I think UBS is kind of interesting here, sir. I actually like the European banks. I mean, look at Santander. I think you have to accept the fact there might be one or two points downside, but then I think you're going to have a long run. U-B-S!"

Manitowoc Company: "Total spec. I don't mind a spec, as long as you recognize it is pure spec, because you've got to get the crane business going. That means worldwide growth. We don't have it yet."

Mosaic Co.: "I think it is good. I think that the market was bad today. I think Mosaic's a buy. They're talking about a lot of good things and the ag[riculture] cycle has clearly, clearly turned, and anything you can do with the ag cycle is good news, so go there."

AmTrust Financial Services: "Whenever you see something that says that they're not aware of any investigation in accounting, I don't know, that concerns me. You know that I think that accounting irregularities equal "sell," and the only time I've ever even thought about violating that in the last 10 years is that I think that Caterpillar is going to turn out to be OK."

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