China has more options to press North Korea than people think, says former CIA China analyst

China has options against North Korea: Expert

China has more options to pressure North Korea than people think, a former CIA China analyst told CNBC on Monday.

Dennis Wilder, a China specialist who served under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, said North Korea's massive parade in its capital Pyongyang on Saturday is an example of China's influence over the reclusive country.

"You'll actually see in that parade transporters that the Chinese provided to the North Koreans for their logging industry. That's just one indicator of the kinds of equipment Chinese continue to give to the North Koreans that frankly aids and abets the North Koreans and what they're doing," Wilder said on "Squawk Box."

Vice President Mike Pence on Monday visited the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. He and South Korean acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn said they would strengthen defenses after the North's latest ballistic missile test, which failed on Sunday.

"All options are on the table," Pence said. "Just in the past two weeks we witnessed the strength of resolve of our new leader. North Korea would do well not to test his resolve." Pence was referring to President Donald Trump's cruise missile strikes on a Syrian air field and the use of the U.S.'s largest non-nuclear bomb against an Islamic State target in Afghanistan.

Pence said Trump was hopeful China "will take actions needed to bring about change in policy" in North Korea.

—NBC News contributed to this report.