The man spending millions to tell Elon Musk to 'dump Trump' is just getting started

This is the man behind the 'dump Trump' campaign
This is the man behind the 'dump Trump' campaign

The man behind the billboards telling Elon Musk to "dump Trump" has revealed himself, and he is far from finished with his work.

Silicon Valley lawyer and venture capitalist Doug Derwin is funding a campaign to convince Musk, who heads both Tesla and SpaceX, to sever ties with President Donald Trump, according to Bloomberg.

Derwin has bought billboard space — including one outside Tesla's Fremont, California, factory — started a website, and took the $150,000 he had planned to spend on a new Tesla and donated it to the ACLU instead.

He says he plans to spend up to $2 million on the multi-pronged campaign, which he started because he believes Trump is using Musk to legitimize himself.

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