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Trump advisor Linda McMahon says regulations and paperwork stifle small businesses

McMahon: I'd like to help small businesses live the American dream

Small-business owners are tired of regulations said Linda McMahon, administrator of the Small Business Administration on CNBC's "Closing Bell" on Monday.

"The regulatory environment really can be stifling to small businesses that are trying to start up," McMahon said. "All [small-business owners are] saying is regulate the things that really need to regulated, but let's stop with the volumes of regulation that we have to comply with."

McMahon did not pinpoint a specific regulation that needs to repealed or pulled back when asked. She said she is still getting feedback to identify which regulations are hurting small business owners the most.

The former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO was confirmed for her post in the Trump administration on Feb. 14.

McMahon also noted that the large amounts of paperwork associated with government regulations distract small-business owners from the wide-ranging set of duties they have to perform as they grow.

"Regardless of what the paperwork is, it is just the volumes and the burden of having to comply with so much at a time," McMahon said.