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Most Americans no longer think Trump is keeping his promises, poll says

Americans are losing faith in Trump's ability to keep his promises, according to a new poll

Americans are losing confidence in President Donald Trump's ability to keep his promises, according to a newly released poll.

Only 45 percent of people think Trump keeps his promises, down from 62 percent in February, according to a Gallup survey, which polled people from April 5 to 9. The change comes after Republicans failed to pass a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act and appear to face difficulties clearing tax reform and infrastructure proposals, among other hurdles to the sweeping agenda Trump promised during his campaign.

Trump already faces a lower approval rating at 41 percent than most recent presidents have at this point in their first terms, according to Gallup. Still, Americans' views of presidents can fluctuate, and Trump already won the 2016 election when most Americans viewed him unfavorably.

Only 40 percent of women think Trump keeps promises, down from 65 percent in February. The change was less stark in men, as the total fell to 51 percent from 59 percent.

Democrats, independents and Republicans were all less likely to think Trump keeps his promises, though the dropoff was larger among those who identified as Democrats or liberals.

In the same poll, the percentage of Americans who say Trump "is a strong and decisive leader" also dropped to 52 percent from 59 percent. People were less likely to answer that the president "can bring about the changes this country needs" and that he is "honest and trustworthy."