Full interview with Steve Ballmer on his long-term outlook for Microsoft, Twitter


Steve Ballmer shared his views on technology and the new government transparency initiative USAFacts in an interview Tuesday on CNBC's "Squawk Box."

On Microsoft: "I think the company is well positioned. On the other hand, [it has] a lot of work to do. I think on the cloud side with Office 365 and Azure the company's got a real shot, but not a birth right," Ballmer said. "On the client side of the world I think the work that they're doing with the Microsoft Surface, hardware devices is really good."

On his advice for Twitter: "Ignore the short-term stock price because at the end of the day what they have to do is worry about the product innovation," he said. "They have to worry about their cost structure. High cost structure has many bad problems including confusion and chaos."

Ballmer is currently the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and former CEO of Microsoft. He is a significant shareholder of both Twitter and Microsoft, according to the interview.

He also discusses:

  • Why he started USAFacts
  • Los Angeles Clippers' postseason chances
  • Sports team valuations
  • Facebook and Snap
  • Apple

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