Samsung says Galaxy S8 launch is best ever, outpacing Galaxy S7 by 30 percent

Key Points
  • Galaxy S8 pre-orders outpaced Galaxy S8 pre-orders, Samsung says, setting a new record.
  • Some issues still affecting Galaxy S8 units, however.
  • Galaxy Note 7 caught fire weeks after launch, which means Galaxy S8 isn't out of the clear yet.
CNBC: Galaxy S8 5
Devin Hance | CNBC

Samsung said on Monday that pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 outpaced pre-orders for the Galaxy S7 by 30 percent, making it the company's "best ever" launch of a smartphone.

Samsung's Galaxy S8, now available online and in carrier stores, launched in the wake of the Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled due to faulty batteries that were prone to catching fire. Samsung's record-setting pre-orders suggest that consumers are ready to put past mistakes behind the brand, at least for now.

"At Samsung, we believe it is a privilege to make groundbreaking products that are enjoyed by millions, and have recommitted ourselves to innovate, not only with new products and services, but also in process," Samsung Electronics America president and chief operating officer Tim Baxter said.

"The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are a result of that recommitment and the market has responded – with a more than 30 percent year-over-year growth in pre-orders versus the record pre-orders we had with Galaxy S7, making it our best ever."

We praised the Galaxy S8 in our review, noting that it's a good example of what smartphones will begin to offer this year.

It isn't flawless, however. Samsung said on Monday that it's soon going to roll out an update that fixes issues causing some displays to appear red in color.

Keep in mind that the Galaxy Note 7 didn't begin to experience battery issues until several weeks after launch. Samsung says it has tested the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ to prevent similar problems this time, but it's not out of the clear just yet.