North Korea citizens celebrate Army Day as US submarine docks in South

North Korean military participate in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea.
KCNA | Reuters

North Korean citizens took to the streets to observe a comprehensive on Tuesday, according to media reports, as the country celebrated 85 years since the foundation of its military.

The country's 'Army Day', marked as a public holiday in Pyongyang, was observed by North Korean citizens despite one of the U.S.'s arriving in South Korea on the same day.

The missile-armed USS Michigan docked in South Korea on the anniversary of the Korean People's Army amid rising tensions and increasingly heated rhetoric between Washington and Pyongyang.

North Korea's leader King Jong-un was thought to have taken part in the drill which took place near the eastern port city of Wonsan, according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency. Yonhap estimated between 300 and 400 artillery pieces were used in the live-fire drill.

‘Nuclear blackmail’

Kyodo | via REUTERS

North Korea's state media appeared to adopt a defiant tone as it suggested its military would be prepared "to bring to closure the history of U.S. scheming and nuclear blackmail."

Korean People’s Army

Kyodo | via REUTERS

North Korean soldiers walk in front of bronze statues of deceased founder Kim Il-sung and the late leader Kim Jong-Il.

North Korea nationals mark military anniversary

KCNA | Handout via REUTERS

Crowds in North Korea's capital laid flowers to pay respect to giant statues of the country's former leaders on Tuesday.

Ready to respond to US military

KCNA | Handout via REUTERS

North Korean officials held a meeting on Monday to celebrate the anniversary of the Korean People's Army and declared the country would be primed and ready to respond to U.S. military action.

Citizens observe Army Day

KCNA | Handout via REUTERS

Yonhap news agency suggested North Korea's Army Day had featured one of the country's largest ever artillery drills.

Political and military surrender

Pyongyang has urged Washington to choose between political and military surrender following escalating tensions between the two nations.

'Continued belligerence'

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un supervised a ballistic rocket launching drill of Hwasong artillery units of the Strategic Force of the KPA on the spot in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang March 7, 2017.
KCNA | Reuters

Tuesday's live-fire drill followed Trump's criticism of North Korea in which he lamented the "continued belligerence" of the country in a telephone conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

USS Michigan

Jermaine Ralliford | Courtesy U.S. Navy | Handout via REUTERS

The USS Michigan, a missile-armed US navy submarine, arrived in South Korea on Tuesday.

North Korea's growing nuclear and missile threat could represent the most significant security challenge to U.S. President .