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Hilton to Hire 20,000 More Veterans


announcing this morning it will hire 20,000 veterans in the next two and a half years. The hiring spree will target each part of the hotel giant's operations from headquarters, to regional offices right on to the hotels themselves.

In a statement released this morning the company's chief human resources officer Matt Schuyler said "Our message to our veteran Team Members is simple: we value the leadership, integrity, teamwork and other skills you bring to the hospitality industry, and Hilton will do everything it can to support you in making a smooth transition to the civilian workforce."

William Thomas Cain | Getty Images

The company began a program in 2013 to increase its hiring of U.S. veterans and was able to sign up 10,000. Today's announcement would bring the number to 30,000 by the year 2020.

The company was founded by Conrad Hilton who was a veteran of World War 1 serving in France.

In the release issued this morning Hilton's CEO Christopher Nassetta said "Military veterans and their families have made incredible sacrifices for our country, and we are strongly committed to ensuring they have great jobs when they return home from service. We've always felt strongly about this issue since our founder Conrad Hilton himself was a military veteran, and we are very proud of our veteran Team Members who have contributed so much to our company."

The company says the best way for veterans to find out more about these jobs is to go to jobs.hilton.com/military.

In the most recent survey released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics the agency noted the unemployment rate for active duty American veterans stood at 5.1 percent. However unemployment and under-employment among military veterans has been a chronic problem in this country.