CNBC Internship Program

CNBC Internship Testimonial: Charles Lin, Digital Technology and Product Intern 2014

Charles Lin
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

I found the CNBC internship the same way millions of other prospective employees look for jobs–through job boards. I owe my entire career to the NBCUniversal Campus 2 Career team and my manager, Ashish Gupta, for investing the time and energy to develop me into a well-rounded technology professional.

In contrast to most CNBC internship testimonials, I wasn't thrown headfirst into the trenches of CNBC madness. I came in having little knowledge on application development, so Ashish paired me with a mentor who showed me the ropes on MVC architecture. Ashish also provided me access to senior leaders in quality assurance, project management, and systems engineering to ensure I gained a 360 understanding of CNBC Digital Technology.

During this time, I saw the department transition from using waterfall methods to agile processes. It wasn't until after agile teams were formed that I truly contributed to CNBC. I first joined the Video Agile Team where I worked alongside full-time employees developing the CNBC Video Gallery Redesign. In addition, I joined the On-Air Agile Team, where I tested real-time graphics for CNBC's On-Air HD Redesign using iNews. In the application development team, I was given the opportunity to execute a technical evaluation for cross-browser testing tools and develop a web prototype of CNBC's Watchlist application.

My technical growth represents only a portion of my overall internship experience. I also attended amazing events for NBCUniversal interns, from professional development workshops to executive lunch-and-learns to celebrity events. Some of my lifelong friends are colleagues I met at those events. I am still at CNBC because of the relationships I developed as an intern.

In June 2016, I became a Media Tech Associate at CNBC Technology and Product. The NBCUniversal Media Tech Associate Program is a two-year rotational program for early career media technologists. My rotations have included enterprise architecture, QA automation, and iOS mobile application development.

It's been over three years since I first stepped through the doors of CNBC, but the "novelty" of working at NBCUniversal hasn't worn off. This is a company where you can learn a lot, meet the most wonderful people, and influence the world in a powerful way. I come to work excited every day because I never know what new, exciting opportunities will come my way.

I wouldn't be where I am today without the help of countless mentors at NBCUniversal. When life provides you amazing opportunities, I believe you have a responsibility to give back to your community. This is why I actively seek opportunities to make a positive impact at the company. CNBC is a great place to work because many others adopt the same mentality. I couldn't be more grateful and proud to have started my career as a CNBC intern.