Full interview with Corvex Management founder Keith Meister on investing and ETFs


Activist investor Keith Meister, founder of Corvex Management, shares his views on investing in an interview on CNBC's "Squawk Alley."

On active vs. passive investing, such as ETFs: "The challenge is no matter how good an index fund wants to be at overseeing the voting decisions, the way they're low cost is they don't have experts on the individual companies. ... They are not equipped to keep and hold individual companies, management teams accountable," he said. "At what point is too much held by passive and the pendulum swings a little too far and you may not have as much accountability for equity."

On his work with Yum Brands: "This concept that an active investor goes after bad companies —that's a mistake," Meister said. "We should go after good companies with good boards and good managements because we'll have a better chance of getting them to buy into our ideas and then get it done."

On investing: "Hopefully, we can make a lot of good investments better by being actively engaged. But activism is a tool; it is not a strategy."

He also discusses:

  • His work with Williams.
  • Stock picking.
  • Pandora.

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