Spotlight Capital Holdings, Inc. Announces Refocus with Emphasis on Mergers and Acquisitions.

Los Angeles, California, April 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spotlight Capital Holdings Inc. (OTC.PK: SLCH) is pleased to announce that the company has refocused and is entertaining merger and acquisition candidates.

Since inception, Spotlight Capital Holdings has been focused on opportunity in the entertainment industry. Along with concerts, music catalog and movie distribution as its primary focus. Along with movie production and sound tract production.

As the entertainment distribution model is an ever changing and recently technology driven evolution Spotlight has a new approach. “There is a broad range of new and exciting opportunity in the industry today”, stated Spotlight president, Mr. Aaron Johnson. Many movies are ready for market and there is a gap in the distribution model due to the constant change of the market place”, he added.

The ability to raise funds from solid investors is here. We intend to take all necessary steps required to meet regulation standards for Regulation A offerings of our company's common stock. This will give us the operating capital needed to exploit fantastic opportunity that presents itself today. Our objective is to be conservative in our approach. We will only seek investment from qualified firms. Moreover, our focus will be on partnering with industry veterans will a years long success record in the industry.

Spotlight Capital Holdings, Inc. has the ability to take movies already produced, with quality actors, directors and some of the highest quality production and get them shown through a global distribution system. The company is blessed to have decades long relationships in the industry. Spotlight Capital Holdings, Inc. can provide a turn key solution and fill in the “gaps” needed in order to get product to this market place and begin generating for these films. We also can add sound track material, finish certain films, and even provide editing in some cases.

The industry, the world and technology is changing at a rapid pace. We intend to shift our focus in such a way the shareholders will benefit from our ability to be exploit our position in the industry. Spotlight will not depend on organic growth but begin looking at merger and acquisition targets ready and willing to combine forces.

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