Trump unleashes tweet storm, blasting Democrats in advance of shutdown vote

Key Points
  • Trump fired off six tweets in just two minutes.
  • The tweets came a day before Congress is set to vote on a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown.
  • Obamacare aid that lowers out-of-pocket spending for low-income people has become a sticking point.
Tweeting Trump lashes out at Democrats ahead of congressional vote

When you gotta tweet, you gotta tweet, apparently.

President Donald Trump uncorked a tweet storm on Thursday morning, lashing out at Democrats over a slew of different issues.

Trump's Twitter tirade — six messages over the course of just two minutes — came a day before an expected congressional vote on appropriations that would seek to avoid a shutdown of the federal government.

The president's tweets seemed to refer to threats by Democrats in Congress not to support that appropriations package if it does not include spending for Obamacare subsidies that lower the cost of out-of-pocket health expenses for low-income Americans.

If the government does not appropriate that money, which goes directly to insurers, those insurers that sell Obamacare plans will still be on the hook for the subsidies to customers, but will have to eat the cost of doing so.

But the tweeter in chief also teed off on Democrats on military spending, border security and national parks.