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Twitter CEO says poor progress on tackling trolls is ‘not something that we are proud of’

Key Points
  • CEO Dorsey says the company hasn't done enough to tackle hate on the platform.
  • He says the company has adopted a "different mindset" in 2017 and is making improvements.

Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey admitted that the company did not make good headway on tackling abuse on its platform last year, but a "different mindset" has helped the technology firm to make "phenomenal" progress in 2017.

The Twitter co-founder spoke to technology publication Backchannel in an interview published Wednesday about trolling on the site. Leslie Jones, one of the stars of the movie "Ghostbusters," was inundated with racist and misogynistic comments on Twitter last year, prompting her to quit the service. Backchannel referenced this in its question to Dorsey, asking if the company had failed.

"We made it a priority last year, but to be very frank and honest, we only shipped one meaningful thing all year. So our progress is not something that we are proud of," Dorsey said.

Henry Dombey | Vox Media

The Twitter boss said the company and employees then took on a "completely different mindset".

"We had people drop what they were doing and really focus on this as an issue. And in the past three months we've been shipping every single day against this, and I think have made meaningful progress, [even though] it's not felt as much. We also, in the previous year, put a lot of burden on the victim instead of taking the burden upon ourselves. So we learned a bunch in that past year around how slow we were, and we just completely shifted our mindset," Dorsey said.

He called the progress the company has made "phenomenal" and claimed Twitter has a "strong handle" on the situation.

"We didn't prioritize it in the right way, but now we have," Dorsey said.

Twitter reported earnings on Wednesday that beat Wall Street's expectations, helping push shares of the firm higher.

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