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CNBC Transcript: Debby Soo, Senior Vice President, Kayak


Following is the transcript of a CNBC interview with Debby Soo, Senior Vice President, of Kayak. The interview was broadcast on CNBC on 28 April 2017 at 07:40AM SG/HK Time, during CNBC's "Hong Kong versus Singapore" theme week.

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Interviewed by Bernie Lo, Anchor, CNBC.

Debby Soo: we are a technology company at heart and we've been in business for 13 years now. That means we have 13 years of all sorts of data to help tell you exactly what we've seen historically over the last 13 years for this seasonality for this airline, for this time, for these destinations. This is a good time to book or maybe not.

Bernie Lo: What's your, what's your business model? How do you - what's the word you people in the industry use - how do you monetize the idea?

Soo: How we monetize the traffic? So we monetize in two ways, first we monetize by having advertisements on the site so our partners could buy ad placements and you'll see that on Kayak's website and on our apps, on the second where we monetizes through referrals. So a user like yourself comes under Kayak you know searches around finds a place that you want to book, clicks over to the web site, makes that booking and then Kayak gets a commission.

Bernie: Some of your research has a yield of some interesting...interesting little tidbits, little...little nuggets I mean in Asia Pacific, Singapore and Hong Kong still do reign don't they. I mean I don't know if they're end destinations or if they're sort of hubs, you know a hub and spoke sort of approach to travel but they do figure, they do factor quite large don't they?

Soo: No they are... Singapore and Hong Kong make it within the top 10 for all locales, all destinations, Asia Pacific. Within Asia only – so people coming in from you know South… Southeast Asia or Korea – Singapore and Hong Kong make it in the top five. So these two cities are definitely cities that people are very interested in going to, are searching aggressively for and will continue to likely be very popular cities.

Bernie: Is using technology like Kayak, is it the same whether you're using a desktop, a traditional desktop or a laptop or a mobile or are there distinct differences in how people interface. I mean mobile versus a laptop.

Soo: Definitely. So this is…so we know that in the mornings when people are commuting to work we see mobile searches spike because they're on their phone looking for travel. At night time we see mobile queries again because they're at home in front of their computers doing travel searches. Lunchtime is the time where desktop searches are the highest. So people at lunch are dreaming about their next vacation or where they want to go. And so they use both the app and desktop and you know I get why they do because it's such a powerful tool for anyone looking for a travel deal and flights, hotels, cars, and packages.