These are the 10 best US cities for job seekers

Miami, Florida
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Miami, Florida

Those hunting for their next job may want to pack their bags for cities more frequently associated with spring break than hiring growth, according to a report released today by jobs platform Indeed.

To assemble this list, Indeed looked at the 50 metro areas with the most job postings on the site and evaluated them according to the local job market, salary offerings, work-life balance, job security and opportunities for advancement.

A city's job market favorability percentage indicates the level of "mismatch," where "the ratio of job postings from employers to clicks from candidates" favors job seekers.

Cities known for sunshine and warm breezes dominate the list, with Florida claiming three cities in the top 10 and all of the top cities hailing from the southern and western parts of the U.S.

"The Sun Belt continues to be a region of high-growth and opportunity," notes Indeed's Paul D'Arcy, "as companies and workers alike have moved toward strong job markets."

A few cities often associated with employment opportunity are notably absent, including New York and Chicago. Cities like Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Buffalo don't make the cut either. D'Arcy attributes that to stagnating population numbers and continuing efforts by cities once known for manufacturing jobs to diversify their economies.

If you're hunting for a job, you may want to set your sights on one of these 10 metro areas:

10. Memphis, Tennessee

Job market favorability: 80 percent
Salary percentile: 63 percent
Work-life balance: 53 percent
Job security and advancement: 82 percent

9. Houston, Texas

Job market favorability: 67 percent
Salary percentile: 80 percent
Work-life balance: 78 percent
Job security and advancement: 71 percent

Houston, Texas
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Houston, Texas

8. San Diego, California

Job market favorability: 84 percent
Salary percentile: 4 percent
Work-life balance: 96 percent
Job security and advancement: 98 percent

7. Jacksonville, Florida

Job market favorability: 94 percent
Salary percentile: 35 percent
Work-life balance: 63 percent
Job security and advancement: 80 percent

6. San Jose, California

Job market favorability: 71 percent
Salary percentile: 29 percent
Work-life balance: 92 percent
Job security and advancement: 88 percent

5. Sacramento, California

Job market favorability: 69 percent
Salary percentile: 86 percent
Work-life balance: 90 percent
Job security and advancement: 73 percent

4. Austin, Texas

Job market favorability: 90 percent
Salary percentile: 59 percent
Work-life balance: 80 percent
Job security and advancement: 69 percent

Austin, Texas
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Austin, Texas

3. Raleigh, North Carolina

Job market favorability: 100 percent
Salary percentile: 65 percent
Work-life balance: 39 percent
Job security and advancement: 35 percent

2. Orlando, Florida

Job market favorability: 98 percent
Salary percentile: 18 percent
Work-life balance: 84 percent
Job security and advancement: 94 percent

1. Miami, Florida

Job market favorability: 82 percent
Salary percentile: 8 percent
Work-life balance: 100 percent
Job security and advancement: 100 percent

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