Trader Poll

Poll: What is your trading strategy ahead of the final round of the French election?

John van Hasselt | Corbis | Getty Images

France, the second-largest economy in the euro zone and one of the biggest in the world, will once again head to the polls on May 7 to elect a new president.

The country, which uses a two-round voting system, will see a run-off between the centrist Emmanuel Macron, who secured the lion's share of votes in the first round on April 23, and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen.

Investors will be closely watching the outcome of Sunday's election and the impact on markets and the euro. After the first round, where Macron gained 23.75 percent of vote, the common currency reached a five-and-a-half month high against the dollar. Meanwhile, France's CAC index spiked to a nine-year high the day after and Germany's DAX broke through its all-time ceiling.

In this week's Trader Poll, tell us your trading strategy for the French election.