A-Rod and Derek Jeter talk about evolving the game of baseball at BTIG Charity Day

Jeter and A-Rod talk charity at BTIG
Jeter and A-Rod talk charity at BTIG

Fourteen-time All-Stars and former long-time New York Yankees players Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter talked on "Squawk Alley" about their foundations and how they believe baseball could evolve.

The two were participating in stock firm BTIG's 15th annual charity day on Tuesday, where hundreds of charities nominated by clients and celebrity guest traders will receive a donation.

"I'm representing the Boys & Girls Club from Miami," Rodriguez said. "That's where I learned how to play baseball when I was 10 years old, and it's a wonderful organization."

Jeter is representing the Turn 2 Foundation, which he started more than 20 years ago and which focuses on the prevention of drug and alcohol use among kids.

When asked whether baseball should change to improve the pacing of the game, Jeter said, "Games always evolve over time. You look at other sports, and they evolve."

"So, yeah, I think obviously the new generation, the millennials like things to happen at a faster pace, but you also have to make sure the game stays pure."

"Baseball, in my mind, is the greatest sport in the world."

Rodriguez praised Major League Baseball Commissioner Robert Manfred and MLB COO Tony Petitti for re-engaging millennials, and he remains positive for baseball's comeback.

"Like Derek said, baseball is the greatest game in the world. We have an epic opportunity to make baseball No. 1 again," Rodriguez said. "I know when we grew up, baseball was the No. 1 sport in the world, and hopefully we get that back."

"Last year, we had 42 million people watching game seven of the World Series, which is huge, and I think we're coming back."