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Steve Bannon's whiteboard to-do list exposed on Twitter by rabbi

Corky Siemaszko
Steve Bannon
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President Donald Trump's right-hand man Steven Bannon can check off letting the public know what he's really doing in the White House — that ship has sailed, thanks to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

"America's Rabbi," as Boteach calls himself, exposed what the Trump strategist has apparently been working on when they posed for a photo with Bannon's whiteboard — containing his hand-written to-do list — in the background.

@RabbiShmuley: With @SteveBannon in the White House on #israelindependenceday. Steve is a great, stalwart friend of the Jewish State

Then Boteach, who was at the White House for an Israel Independence Day celebration, tweeted the photo on Tuesday for all to see.

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But as soon as it went viral, the public quickly zeroed-in on the scribble in the background, not so much on the smiling fellows in front.

One of the hand-written goals on the whiteboard is no secret to anybody who has followed the Trump campaign. "Build the border wall and eventually make Mexico pay for it," it says.

And there is no check mark beside it to indicate mission accomplished.

But, for reasons unclear, there are check marks beside two other Trump goals that have been blocked by federal courts, namely "Suspend immigration from terror prone regions" and "Suspend the Syrian refugee Program."

Under the heading "Pledges on Immigration," there's a line that says "Cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities."

That has a check mark beside it even though a federal judge blocked that executive order too. And it appears to contradict the Trump Administration's official position that they only intend to withhold discretionary funding to sanctuary cities.

Notably, there is also no check mark beside the top item on the white board, "Repeal and replace Obamacare." Currently, the White House is desperately trying to get the GOP-controlled Congress to do just that. Their first attempt failed spectacularly.

There appear to be several dozen more goals scribbled on the board, including other unfulfilled promises like "Eliminate the estate tax" and "Hire 5,000 more Border Patrol agents."

Boteach, 50, is a contributor to Breitbart News, which is Bannon's former outfit before he joined team Trump.

Before that, the enterprising and outspoken Orthodox Jewish rabbi carved himself out a career as a TV host, public speaker, and author of several dozen books, including the best-selling "Kosher Sex: A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy."

For a time, the right-wing rabbi was also an unofficial spiritual adviser to the late Michael Jackson and he made a failed bid to win a congressional seat in New Jersey as a Republican.