Macron now has mandate to deepen euro zone integration, says EU Commissioner Moscovici

French voters have given Emmanuel Macron a mandate to strengthen the euro zone and push forward with reforms for deeper EU integration, European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici, has told CNBC.

The emphatic 30 percentage-point win achieved by Macron in Sunday night's final round of the French presidential race indicates clear demand for a pro-European Union France, despite the notable traction achieved by far-right opponent Marine Le Pen's National Front.

Speaking to CNBC Monday, Moscovici, who covers economic and financial affairs, taxation and customs, said that Macron would be conscious of the need to reconcile a "quite divided country", but added that his majority made his duty clear.

"He has now a mandate and this mandate is to propose to our European partners a deeper integration and especially a deepening of the euro zone," said Moscovici in Paris.

"What we need today is a euro zone that is stable," he added.

Macron's task will center on a "multi-speed Europe", Moscovici said, preoccupied as it is by Brexit while also aiming to strengthen ties between the remaining 27 member states and push forward with reforms for those looking to progress and "reinforce cooperation".

"The most important of that reinforced cooperation, I would say, is the euro zone. The euro tomorrow, when the U.K. leaves, will be about 85 percent of the GDP (gross domestic product) of the EU and all the countries inside the EU will have the capacity to join the euro," he said.

"The euro is the currency of all Europeans ... We need to give a new impetus, a new strength to the euro zone," Moscovici urged.

Moscovici's comments come hours after the euro hit six-month highs against the dollar on relief that Marine Le Pen's proposals for a break-up of the currency union had subsided. Macron won approximately 66 percent of votes to Le Pen's 33 percent in Sunday's second round runoff.

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