Trader Poll

Trader poll: With some saying the biggest risk event of the year is past, what should investors be cautious about in Europe?

Emmanuel Macron addresses supporters after winning the French Presidential Election, at The Louvre on May 7, 2017 in Paris, France.
David Ramos | Getty Images

Emmanuel Macron surged to victory in the French presidential election on Sunday, defeating far-right candidate Marine Le Pen to become the country's youngest president.

The euro hit a six-month high, Asian markets rallied and U.S. futures were steady as markets heaved a sigh of relief following the release of the closely-watched election results.

As France turns its attention to parliamentary elections, Germany will go to the polls for federal elections in September while Italy faces a possible general election before spring next year. Those developments take place against the looming spectre of the Greek debt crisis.

While political risk in Europe might have been greatly reduced following Macron's victory, the euro zone might not fully be in the clear.