Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger share their best advice for young people

Warren Buffett (L) and Berkshire-Hathaway partner Charlie Munger
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In the Berkshire Hathaway 2017 Annual Shareholders Meeting, Warren Buffett and longtime business partner Charlie Munger entertained 40,000 attendees for hours.

In addition to offering business and investing advice, the two had a lot to say to young people, including this from the 86-year-old Buffett: "When you go out in the world, look for the job you would take if you didn't need the money."

He continued: "You really want to think about, what will make you feel good, when you get older, about your life, and you at least generally want to keep going in that direction."

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Munger, 93, also chimed in on the topic: "I've got some advice for the young: If you've got anything you really want to do, don't wait until you're 93."

In this, they agree with Apple CEO Tim Cook, who recently told students, "Don't work for money ... You'll never be happy."

Instead, he advised, "You have to find the intersection of doing something you're passionate about and at the same time something that is in the service of other people. I would argue that, if you don't find that intersection, you're not going to be very happy in life."

Munger and Buffett also stressed that millennials should focus on becoming good and decent people.

As Munger puts it, "What you don't want to be is like the man, and they have his funeral and the minister said, 'now it's the time for someone to say something nice about the deceased.' And nobody came forward. And nobody came forward. And he said, 'surely, somebody can say something nice about the deceased.' And nobody came forward.

"Finally one man came up and he said, 'Well, his brother was worse.'"

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