Find out if you are actually worth your weight in gold

If your net worth correlated with your weight in gold, you'd be swimming in cash. But are you literally worth your weight in gold?

An upcoming episode of CNBC's "The Filthy Rich Guide" compares the net worths of billionaire Bill Gates and actor Scott Baio to their gold equivalents.

At a slim 140 pounds, Gates would only be worth $2.75 million in gold, as opposed to his actual $86 billion fortune.

Baio's 170 pounds, on the other hand, would translate to $3.34 million in gold — roughly the same as the actor's true net worth. Baio is literally worth his weight in gold.

To crunch the numbers, CNBC put together a calculator tied to the market price of gold. Type in your weight below to see if you've got the Midas touch.

What's your weight in gold?

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