Billionaire Bill Gates reveals his biggest regrets and best advice for today's 20-somethings

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Though Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates never got a college degree, he knows what it takes to have a real impact on the world. And he wants to share his top tips for success with every recent college graduate.

In a series of posts on Twitter, Gates offers the insight he wish he had in his 20s.

Here is the tech mogul's advice:

1. Consider going into one of these 3 sectors

Artificial intelligence, energy and the biosciences — these are three fields you should strongly consider, according to Gates.

The reason isn't simply because areas like technology and science are expected to add many jobs to the economy over the next several years. Gates says that people with a background in "AI, energy, and biosciences" will be the most in-demand employees moving forward. If he were starting out today, he says, those are the subjects he would study.

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Workers proficient in those subjects will be "the agents of change for all institutions," Gates tells LinkedIn Executive Editor Daniel Roth.

2. Choose your relationships wisely

Gates has been friends with Warren Buffett for over a quarter of a century and believes that his friendship with the legendary investor has greatly helped his career.

The businessman says that who you keep in your inner social circle will impact not only your personal life, but your work life, too. "Surround yourself with people who challenge you, teach you, and push you to be your best self," he says.

Like his COO Sheryl Sandberg, who recently advised young people to "marry the nerds," Gates also seems to be encouraging millennials to make smart romantic choices.

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3. Learn more about the world's problems

Gates opens up about his biggest personal regret, which is that he didn't learn more about global inequality until later in life.

Being more aware of the problems humanity faces, he says, will make you better equipped to work to solve them.

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4. Stay energized

"This is an amazing time to be alive," he writes. "I hope you make the most of it."

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